Special attention is placed on each student to ensure a customized lesson plan. We understand that every student has different needs and abilities and therefore, lessons are designed to maximize each student's unique potential, whether in a group or private lesson environment.

In addition to private lessons, Pro Arts Academy also offers group lessons and rates. Group lessons are taught on an individual basis for maximum development. This allows for students of all ages to receive highly developed individual (one-on-one) musical training and the opportunity to perform amongst classmates on a regular basis, strengthening the student's performance abilities and techniques.

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Piano & Guitar
Whether a private or group lesson, all students will be given material that best suites their individual level and needs.

All instrumental lessons focus on the proper use of technique, the reading, writing and application of music theory and the development of a classical and modern performance repertoire. Students will also focus on level appropriate scales, arpeggios, and chords. In addition, students will be encouraged to compose using the knowledge given to enrich their artistic development.

Instrumental & Vocal Combo Lesson
This special lesson design allows a student who desires to train playing an instrument and singing the opportunity to do so during the same lesson. An hour-long lesson is divided into two parts, 30 minutes instrumental training (piano or guitar) and 30 minutes vocal training.

All aspects of the instrumental training are included, as well as all elements of vocal development to produce a full and complete musician. Songwriting and composition may be included into this lesson design to encourage musicians/students to develop their own unique artistic style.

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Vocal Training
Our vocal training lessons focus on several aspects of voice and inner ear development. Areas such as pitch identification, proper vocal annunciation, correct breathing techniques, tone quality, correct use of diaphragm, projection and overall stage presence and performance are emphasized. Students will also be taught music theory and learn how to read vocal manuscript, and given an opportunity to record their developed repertories.

In addition to focusing on proper techniques and delivery, our vocal lessons include a wide variety of genres and repertoire selections.

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Acting & Drama
Acting lessons cover various techniques and styles used in stage acting and acting for film. Students are exposed to character development, improvisation, scene work, set building, stage lighting, technical design, character make-up application and much more.

Students also explore script analyzation, storyline and plot development. Students will be guided and assisted in the art of auditioning, monologues and cold readings. Our students are also encouraged to audition for commercials and local theater productions.

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Composition & Songwriting
Pro Arts Academy encourages students to explore songwriting and composition. This art form allows students to develop and express their true individual artistry.

Students will study and analyze successful song writing formats, great composers, and develop their own unique style.

Students will learn how to compose songs in several forms as well as how to publish and copyright their own material. In addition, students will be taught how to use song recording programs in order to preserve, edit and produce their original works.

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Musical Theatre
Our musical theater lessons are designed to cover all aspects and elements of musical theater, which include singing and vocal development, acting and character work, as well as dance and movement.

Students will be exposed to several musical productions and song selections. Students will understand scene development, individual character work and set design involved in the production of musical numbers. Dancing and movement will also be taught in conjunction with songs that are performed with focus on stage presence and performance.

In addition, students will also be assisted in the audition process used for many Universities and degree offering educational programs for the performing arts.

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Visual Art
Our visual art lessons teach students various techniques, styles and applications using two and three-dimensional art.

Students will explore perspective, correct proportioning and the proper use of color and light applications. Students will develop a portfolio which will include, but not limited to compositions of drawings, paintings, mixed-medias and much more. In addition, our students will also study art history and our world's greatest visual artists.

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